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Welcome to the BECC!

This is the official web site of the Puget Sound (Seattle) area Boeing Employees' Coin Club. News items and editorial comment in this web site do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Boeing Company. The BECC meets the 4th Wednesday of each month (see club announcements or upcoming club events below). Meetings are open to all Boeing employees, retirees and other eligible persons as defined by Boeing Recreation. Mailing address: Boeing Employees' Coin Club (or B.E.C.C.) c/o Greg Smith, P.O. Box 6314, Kent, WA 98064.

The Boeing Employees' Coin Club (BECC) is one of the most active coin clubs in the Pacific Northwest region. Per the BECC Constitution and Bylaws, "We, the Boeing Employees' Coin Club, are organized in a spirit of friendliness and good fellowship to share the pleasures of coin collecting." The BECC also contributes to the objectives and purposes of the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association — "to promote, extend, and protect the interests of numismatists and numismatic activities throughout the Pacific Northwest and to foster and encourage the study of numismatics in all its forms."

The BECC publishes a monthly newsletter (the BECC News), holds an annual coin show in January, mints an annual commemorative medal featuring a Boeing product, and promotes numismatics through special programs and activities such as the numismatic display at the Puyallup Fair each September.

The B.E.C.C. is an IRS 501(c)(7) non-profit organization.


BECC News Items

See old news items previously appearing on this home page.

It's Over! Thanks to all who participated in the show!
The BECC annual coin show in Kent, WA was held January 18-19, 2014.
See 2014 coin show flyer in PDF format | See coin show webpage.
See displays and exhibits page for collector exhibit information / results.
Artwork: Design for elongated cent ("squished penny") which were available at the show, using the PNNA's "Penny Press." See 2014 coin show photos and report.
See 2014 coin show collector exhibit photos and report.
Next year's coin show is scheduled for January 17-18, 2015.

2014 medals feature CH-47 Chinook Helicopter plus special 50th anniversary reverse – At the March 2013 meeting club members chose the CH-47 Chinook helicopter for the 2014 medal, beating out the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft and the F-18 Hornet. This is the first of its type to appear on a Boeing Employees Coin Club medal. On the first ballot almost everyone had this as one of their three choices. The club also selected a basic concept for the new reverse. Update: Design variations for the obverse and reverse of the medal were discussed in April and May 2013, and final approved designs were prepared. As reported in the August 2013 newsletter, "The Medals Committee has received approval of the design for the 2014 medal. The design below has been approved by Boeing Trademark. The BECC has approved minting 300 silvers, 150 pewter, 150 bronze and 150 copper medals." For club members, an order form was attached to the August 2013 club newsletter.

Update (Mar. 2014): There are still silver, copper, bronze and pewter medals available; but you need to order them soon. The Medals Committee is starting to look at designs for the 2015 medal; perhaps looking into resurrecting the V-22 design that was suggested back in 2007 or so. In addition, the Medals Committee is looking into proposed designs for the 100th Anniversary of the Boeing Company for the 2016 medal. The Executive Board is considering silver purchase from the Golden State Mint. If you have suggestions for any medal design, please let the Medals Committee know of your ideas.

Artwork © 2013 The Boeing Company and BECC. All Rights Reserved.

Jim Payne Memorial Award! – Congratulations to Jim Payne Memorial Service Award recipient Jesse Torres, as announced at the October 50th anniversary banquet.

Photo: Jesse Torres (left) receives the Jim Payne Memorial Service Award from Bruce Coggins (right). Jesse has served the club in several capacities including currently as club secretary.

New Everett Meetings! The Boeing Employees’ Coin Club held a "North End Kick-Off Meeting" at the Boeing Everett 40-92 Cafeteria at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. Prizes and snacks were provided. Meetings were also held in May, August, September, November and December at the Everett Firefighters' Hall. Greg Smith reports that he appreciates the efforts of all involved and looks forward to great turnouts. Photo at right: Attendees at the May 20 BECC meeting in Everett. See below for 2014 meeting location / dates.

BECC Library inventory added (PDF file), as compiled by BECC Librarian Michael Nau. Items in the library may be borrowed by club members subject to the rules established by the board of directors.


Numismatic Events and Information

Current and Upcoming Club Events!

  • Next Regular Meeting! BECC monthly meeting announcements | Get the club auction form
    Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 6:00 PM (setup at 5:30 PM) at Tukwila Community Center.
    BECC Membership Picnic/BBQ.
    Display topic: Sailing Vessels.

  • Everett Meeting (Widebodies Chapter)! See monthly meeting announcements for more details and future meetings on the 3rd Monday of each month at IHOP. There will be no Everett meeting in July. Instead please join the picnic in Tukwila.

  • Next year's coin show is scheduled for January 17-18, 2015.

  • See list of a BECC officers.

Current and Upcoming Regional/National Events!

  • See the PNNA Homepage and PNNA Calendar for information about such exciting events as the PNNA annual conventions in Tukwila and Portland, National Coin Week, ANA Summer Seminar, and the two annual ANA conventions (National Money Show™ and World's Fair of Money®).

  • For aviation enthusiasts, the BECC recommends:
    Flying Heritage Collection hangar and Fly Days at Paine Field, Everett, WA

Completed Club Events

    JANUARY 18-19, 2014 at Kent Commons, 525 4th Ave., Kent, WA
    See 2014 coin show flyer in PDF format | See coin show webpage
    See displays and exhibits page for collector exhibit information

  • BECC annual banquet, Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at the Tukwila Community Center.

  • Duwamish Diversity Day - The BECC supported this event held at the 11-14 building on September 24.

  • Everett Meeting - A BECC meeting at the Everett Firefighters' Hall was held on Monday, September 23.

  • Washington State (Puyallup) Fair – September 6-22, 2013 – The PNNA sponsors the annual coin exhibit in the Hobby Hall, with assistance from local coin clubs including the BECC. No volunteer is knowledgeable about all aspects of numismatics – if your question wasn't answered or if you were unable to attend the Fair, please e-mail your question to, and it will be directed to a local expert for a response. If you're eligible for the Boeing recreation program, you can also get many numismatic questions answered by attending a BECC club meeting.

  • BECC at Everett Boeing Family Day, Sunday, August 18, 2013.

  • BECC Membership Picnic and BBQ, Wednesday, July 24, 2013, Tukwila, WA.

  • See BECC monthly meeting announcements for completed monthly club meetings.

Coin Collecting Consumer & Reference Information from the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association.

The BECC suggests that you also visit the American Numismatic Association
and the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association web sites.
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